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Beta Stage Info

Hello and welcome to Competitive Esports. As we mentioned before we are trying to create a new league for PES Players where they can compete and challenge each other. During the beta stage there will be online tournaments where everyone will be able to join and climb the ranking table proving his skills. But we have to warn you that not everything will be great. The platform is not in its final stage and you might experience some bugs and that’s where we need your help. We would like you to inform us for everything that doesn’t seem right, every little detail and of course we need suggestions for improving the website. Also we would like you to know that we need help from experienced developers and web designers if they want to contribute into improving the platform and create new features.  As far as the rules go we need everyone to be polite to other users and admins or there will be restrictions and account blocking. We hope you enjoy the tournaments and a huge thank you for supporting us.


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